The Skin Fridge

The Skin Fridge™


The Skincare Fridge is the revolutionary way to keep your skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer! Refrigerating your favourite skin and cosmetic products can help to extend shelf life and reduce harmful bacteria becoming present. A refrigerated product may also help calm and de-puff skin and tighten pores whilst giving a more soothing effect than a room-temperature product. Anyone for a cold face mask!?



The beautiful gloss finish fits perfectly on your bathroom counter or vanity.

How does it work?

The revolutionary 10L Skincare Fridge is made to keep your makeup and skincare products chilled & fresh for longer while giving your complexion a rejuvenating, cooling effect when applied!


The Skincare Fridge can cool down to 35ºF-45ºF 


POWER SUPPLY & DIMENSIONS - Thermoelectric design, eco-friendly, AC/DC - 13.4” H x 11.4” D x 9.6” W - Weight 7.9 lbs

- 1x Skincare Fridge

Nothing feels better than a cold face-mask on your skin!



 What are the main benefits of using the Skincare Fridge ?

Many beauty products can benefit from being kept at colder temperatures, such as serums, moisturizers, facial mists, and face masks. Products that contain ingredients such as vitamin C or probiotics are especially sensitive to temperature and light, so keeping them in a cool, dark fridge is optimal. Storing your products in a beauty fridge can keep them fresher longer and increase their shelf-life. 

Redness in your skin tends to stem from inflammation going on inside. Just like cold compression helps reduce swelling in a twisted ankle, cold skincare products do the same for your skin.


While steam & warmth helps to open pores up, the cold helps shrink them. This makes for maximum product absorption as well as absolutely flawless feeling skin. 


Our Fridge helps preserve products with natural ingredients. 

 Just like products with live cultures and probiotics, it's helpful to keep 100% organic or natural products cooled.

Not only does it extend the shelf life of your expensive skincare and beauty products, it makes sure that nothing funky goes on in it & keeps it safe for your face. 

How cold can it get ?

The Skin Fridge can cool down to 35ºF-45ºF 


Is it easily portable ?

Lightweight & portable, the fridge is built specifically to look good wherever you place it! 


      • Moisturizers 
      • Essences
      • Oils
      • Face Masks
      • Cleansers
      • Facial Rollers
      • Makeup Products
      • Much More

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